• Jackie Dana

    Jackie Dana

    Freelance writer & author who believes in the power of dreams. Writes (mostly) about creativity & storytelling. Find her at storycauldron.substack.com.

  • Oji Udezue

    Oji Udezue

    Decent human being. Proud African. Proud American. VP of Product at Calendly.com. Follow me: @ojiudezue

  • Vamsi Batchu

    Vamsi Batchu

    Senior UX Designer at Rocket Mortgage - Winner of MIT AR/VR Hackathon - www.vamsibatchu.com

  • Rachel Lai

    Rachel Lai

  • Aras Toker

    Aras Toker

    Believer @CommunityAsMedicine. Builder @PeaceOfMind. Passion @Life. Love @Sports+Travel+Music.

  • Josiah Williams

    Josiah Williams

    Lover of the finer things in life and all around good dude.

  • Vanessa Jacob

    Vanessa Jacob

  • Shannon Lewandowski

    Shannon Lewandowski

    Born curious & technical, proponent for smarter experiences #UX + #AI, diversity in #STEM & leadership, Product Innovation @IngagePartners, @TogetherCincy

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